We’re modern day yogis.

We need our coffee just as much as we need our Savasana. We want a practice that not only helps us to look good, but feel good too. We want a one-stop shop to help us be our best physically, mentally, and spiritually before we take on the world.

Enter Enerchi.

We’ve been around the world searching to find a yoga studio that successfully combined both the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. Yet each studio we visited seemed to stress one or the other. So we decided to put our money where our mouth is and opened our own studio in the heart of Atlanta, the city we call home. We offer classes on both sides of the spectrum as well as our trademark ‘Enerchi’ class that combines both into one experience.

We’re excited to share our practice with you!

Address: 2100 Cheshire Bridge Road Suite F

Atlanta, Ga 30324

Phone: 678.671.9988

Business Hours: 9a-6p by phone. Studio is open 15 minutes before class starts to 15 minutes after class ends. To see our class schedule click here.

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