Can Yoga Help with PMS?

The short answer is: Yes! Below we share the experience of our co-founder Sheri Brown and how yoga has changed how she views that visit from Aunt Flo.

I truly hated the arrival of my period every month, always bringing with it horrible lower back pain and cramps. I sought relief with over-the-counter pain reducers and heating pads, but they were effects were temporary and the pain often returned. My period had gotten worse as the years went by but my doctors saw nothing abnormal in any test results to attribute to my increasing discomfort. I would just have to live with the pain. After all, wasn’t this part of being a woman, the trade off to having a womb from which life could emerge? Still, that didn’t stop me from secretly wishing men could have a period just once so they could understand how it felt. It just seemed unfair.

Then I started doing yoga in 2013. First it was a class here or there, but soon it was every week and then nearly every day. I realized I could not live without the life changing effects of being on the mat and I needed to share that with the world – so I became a 200 RYT yoga teacher. Well into my forties I was turning cartwheels and living the good life of a yogi! I did not seem to notice my period much during this time and felt great inside and out. That all changed when I was involved in an car accident six months later. I had to give my yoga practice to recover from my injuries and surgery. My physical free happy life as I knew it changed. I did not feel like myself and my period went back to its relentless cycle of pain, cramping and bloating.

Near the end of my recovery, I decided to open up a yoga studio with my daughter. As I was practicing my yoga routines on a daily basis and creating the protocol for Body Structure Yoga, my trademark class, I noticed my body began to release its tension from the past years and I started feeling better than I had every felt. And the amazing thing happened where my period came and once again I did not experience the typical lower-back pain and cramping as I had before. I talked to my female students from class and all of them also reported more comfortable periods! I feel like I have found this amazing secret to combat the pain of periods, and I just have to share it with the world!”

Yoga opens up both the physical and energy body. Not only does physically opening the hip region open up the muscles and allow for a better menstrual flow, but there are energetic benefits too. The sacral chakra is located in the pelvis region and governs the reproductive organs of the body. When hips, glutes, thighs, legs, and lower back are constricted and the energy “chi” cannot flow it causes pelvic stagnation. Pelvic stagnation causes menstrual disorders, lower back pain, stuck emotions, trauma, prostate issues, and many more. These same emotional blockages show up as relationship patterns, anxiety, sadness, anger, and depression. Getting your vinyasa flow on will help even out your flow and unleash your Enerchi!