Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Structural Body Yoga

This unique class has been developed by Enerchi Yoga founder and licensed massage therapist Sheri Brown. Holistically combining therapeutic massage, yoga fundamentals, and postural training, this class helps to increase strength, mobility and range of motion through deep muscle and fascia release. Props such as foam rollers, bolsters, and straps are used throughout the class. Suitable for all levels, this class is great for athletes and those with injuries and muscle pain. There is frequent teacher assistance and adjustments so class size is limited to 10 people. 


Enerchi Rise

Rise up and greet the day with our morning class Mysore-style class! Join us for breathwork, leg stretches, Vinyasa flow, and an extended meditation designed to energize the body, get you in your breath, and ready for the day!


Vinyasa Vibes

Does your body crave the thrill of a challenge? Then look no further than our Vinyasa Vibes class! This faster-paced class is intelligently designed and sequenced to challenge you on the mat to help you face your challenges off the mat. There will be less demonstration throughout the class to allow for more assists and adjustments to help you deepen into your poses. The poses will also be more advanced (don't worry - you will learn the foundation of them also in this class as well!). Poses will be called out in both Sanskrit and English. While this is considered a more advanced class, flexibility is not a requirement! Come to this class to fully immerse yourself in your body, get into some pranayama breath work, and learn about yoga philosophy and how to incorporate it into today's modern world.


Enerchi Flow

Unleash your Enerchi! This is our proprietary class that blends both yogic breath-work and meditation with classic asana in a vinyasa flow. Release your worries, get into your body, and leave it all on the mat with this class!


Yoga Sculpt

Boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass with our yoga sculpt class! Combining free weights with yoga sequencing and cardio blasts to intensify each pose, plus upbeat music and disco lights, Yoga Sculpt is designed to improve your physique and give you a great workout to pump you up throughout the day!


Enerchi High Vibe

Raise the vibration of your body, mind and spirit with our Enerchi High Vibe! This class features a Vinyasa flow set to high energy modern music and colored lights and followed by guided meditation to leave you balanced, blissed, and prepared to handle anything that comes your way!


Yoga for Lower Back and Hips

Join Sonali as she guides you in understanding some of the common anatomical and lifestyle dynamics that contribute to low back pain and the healing movements and openings needed to release it. This class is great for anyone looking to reduce pain and tension in the lower back, enhance hip health, strengthen legs, and stabilize the SI joint.


Enerchi Glow

Candle light flickers and aromatherapy fills the air as you surrender your stress to embrace your bliss! This alignment-based yoga class teaches you how to strong in your poses while surrounded by soft lights and sounds.