Cody Reece

Cody Reece has been a lifelong student of yoga. Cody had practiced yoga on and off for many years throughout his teenage years and has read almost every book on yoga philosophy available. However, over time he drifted out his practice. After completing his Masters degree in Nursing and finishing up his MBA in Finance, he felt that something was missing. Something inside of him was not complete. He came back to yoga and felt “alive” again.

After practicing yoga as a student at one of Atlanta’s top yoga studios, he went onto his teacher training. In his rigorous vinyasa-based teacher training Cody worked with and learned from Atlanta’s top instructors and studied the Kaivalya Yoga Method (TKYM). TKYM is a style in both Ashtanga and Jivamukti yoga lineages that emphasizes intelligent sequencing, precise hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy, humor and heart.

Cody then went onto his 500 hour teacher training based in yoga therapy & Iyengar. After realizing the need for therapy based yoga, he decided his 600 hour training would best be suited in advance professional yoga therapy. As of this writing, Cody is only 1 out of 4 certified yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT) in the Atlanta area.

Currently, yoga is seen by many people as a form of exercise in the Western world. Cody wants to change that and focus on the therapy side of yoga and provide meaningful yoga sessions to his clients. Incorporating yoga into today’s modern world can seem like a daunting task and Cody has developed methods to assist his client’s in awakening their true inner-self. Yoga was originally taught to one student at a time and sessions were focused around that student’s particular needs and goals. Cody strives to bring that individualized experience to all his classes.