Today marks one of the biggest transitionary periods of the year! The autumn equinox is upon us, ushering the official start of colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin-spice everything (pumpkin spiced kale chips anyone?).

The Autumn Equinox is about balance and bounty

The Equinox also marks the perfect balance of day and night. It’s now time to embrace your dark side and seek balance in your soul. But that’s not all, it’s also officially the start of Libra Season! And Libras absolutely love balance and harmony! So make use of this double dose of powerful cosmic energy to find your equilibrium and rock this Fall! Below we have 5 ways to do just that.

Recognize Your Progress

Signaling the beginning of the Harvest season, the Fall equinox invites you to reap the fruits of your labor. Take time to recognize your personal efforts and progress so far this year. You’re doing amazing love!

Express Gratitude

Similar to recognizing your progress, be thankful for all that you’ve accomplished and been blessed with this past year – and pass it on! A small act of kindness, such as paying for someone’s coffee or tipping extra at dinner, not only expresses your gratitude for your prosperity and ability to share it, but it’s been proven by science to release endorphins to make you feel pretty good too.

Focus on Your Needs

Unplug and discover where you need to nurture. What signs have you been ignoring or issue you have been avoiding? Open yourself up to integrate the icky stuff and connect with yourself. From now until the Winter Solstice the nights will be longer than the days – don’t fight with the darkness but embrace it and its wisdom.

But Work With Others

Libras are all about collaboration and partnership. So this Fall make it a priority to work on your closest relationships, especially considering we have a particularly rough and emotional September full moon in Aries coming up post-equinox. See others through eyes of compassion and mystery, and see past your judgments and into their soul. Use your criticisms of others to shine light into your weaknesses and grow from the knowledge. As long as you are still focusing on your needs throughout (see above), you’ll strengthen your relationships in a healthy way.

Look Forward

While the equinox itself invites reflection and gratitude, post-equinox it’s time to invest in yourself. When it’s the darkest outside, it’s time to shine the light from within. Look into your unique gifts and channel your personal genius – commit to making at least one small change to invest in who you wish to be. You don’t need to wait until New Years to change your life – it starts now with this powerful equinox energy to clear the way.

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