Ayahuasca Retreat

November 10th – 15th, 2018 Punta Uva, Costa Rica

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go on a spiritual journey

Move, shift, and transform through the ancient power of plant medicine  
There are times in life where we seem to be bombarded with questions. Those questions that blindside you at 4 PM on some idle Tuesday and shake you to the core.

Who am I?
What is my purpose?
Is this really it?

If you’re ready to discover the answers to these questions but unsure where to start, then join us at our Ayuhuasca/Plant Medicine retreat in Costa Rica. We’ve assembled a team of spiritual advisors, healers, and shamans to lead you on a journey to your higher self and help you experience the mysterious and transformational power of sacred plant medicine. Disconnect from the world and reconnect to yourself – the answers are waiting.

let go in a safe space

Our beautiful villa nestled off the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is the perfect place to escape and relax. We bring you an experienced team of healers and shamans who follow stringent health and safety protocols so you can let go without worry

Heal mind, body, spirit

 We’re focused on bringing you healing on all levels with our combination of yoga, plant medicine, energy healing and more. Experience deep healing that initiates a long-term journey of self-reflection, self-discovery and spiritual transformation

Find Your True Self

Dive deep into your subconscious, connect with your higher-self, and find the clarity you have been looking for. Beyond your time in Costa Rica, we provide support both before and after the retreat to ensure that your transformation is a long-lasting one

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What is Ayahuasca?

Sacred Plant Medicine from the Amazon
Ayahuasca is a sacred medicinal plant the gap between who you think you are and who you actually are. Practiced for centuries by indigenous tribes of Brazil and Peru, Ayahuasca is used to enrich the mind through visionary messages, overcoming fears, and connecting to the universe for a deeper understanding and greater perspective. However, because everyone has a different path, story, and perspective, the effects of Ayahuasca on your personal body will be unique. We recommend going in with a clear intention on what you need to work on along with an open mind, heart, and body.

answer the call

ARe you ready to step fully into your life?

You KNOW you have it in you but… you can’t seem to figure out what is blocking you from having the life of your dreams?

Are you tired of the same old patterns showing up over and over?

It’s frustrating to be on the verge of breaking through to your REAL calling in life yet doubts and insecurities keep popping up.

IS it time to release the past and move forward?

You feel stuck in the same senseless drama over and over and you can’t take it anymore.

are you stuck in the same unfulfilling relationships?

You’re ready to remove your emotional blocks and connect with others on a deeper and more meaningful level

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may be a good candidate for Ayahuasca!

Still unsure?
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Why our retreat

our experienced team

Our team of healers and shaman have a combined 20+ years of experience in the spiritual healing arts. Each retreat is designed so that you have the maximum amount of time with each team member possible to ensure you are supported throughout the healing process and have all your questions are answered

our beautiful location

We truly believe in the healing power of nature. That’s why we chose El Reloj de Arena as our retreat center in Punta Uva, Costa Rica. Surrounded by the jungle yet a short walk to the cleansing powers of the ocean, this place truly is a nature lover’s paradise and the perfect location to reconnect with your divine self

our amazing support

The healing doesn’t end after the retreat is over. We help you continue to integrate everything you experienced and ensure you have access to an online support network once you return home. We also offer additional coaching & healing packages for those looking for a more personalized experience

Find the perfect fit

what you’ll Experience


The main focus of the retreat, you’ll immerse yourself in the transformative powers of plant medicine with one or two Ayahuasca ceremonies with our shaman


Each day you’ll have time to get in touch with your higher self and connect with your heart center during our pranayama and guided meditation classes

Yoga classes

Start your mornings with a serene, open-mind through our group yoga classes led on our open, jungle-enclosed deck or Punta Uva’s white sand beaches

more plant ceremonies

In addition to the Ayahuasca ceremonies, you’ll explore the healing properties of Pachamama and Rapé in our opening and closing ceremonies

delicious meals

You will enjoy two healthy Ayahausca friendly meals per day plus unlimited water, teas, and fresh juices. Want to venture out? Plenty of restaurants a short bike ride away!

Excursions & Free time

Spend your free time enjoying all that Costa Rica has to offer! Explore the nearby towns of Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo, snorkle at Cahuita National Park, and more!


Energy Healing

Need an extra boost? Using ancient techniques, our healers open energy pathways and balance your chakras to remove emotional blocks and find peace


Our healers are also licensed massage therapists — let them alleviate your tight muscles through a delicious combo of Thai, Swedish, and Deep Tissue massage

psychic readings

Need some clarity in your life? Whether you are looking for information on your career, love life, or life path, our skilled readers can help with targeted advice and feedback

the location

Escape to Costa Rica with Us
Pura vida. Pure life. You’ll hear the expression frequently throughout your visit to Costa Rica, as a sincere wish for your time in this natural wonderland. It’s a valediction, an affirmation and a state of mind, reflecting an appreciation for the awesomeness of nature and our role in it. This concept – pura vida – is what makes Costa Rica a perfect destination to relax, rejuvenate and renew your spirit. Click below to learn more about the locations, accommodations, and flight information.

the itinerary

Get Ready For Your Transformational Trip

Day 1: Opening Festivities

Once you’re settled, we’ll gather for our first Tribal Connection Circle to meet our Healers/Shaman, host a plant medicine Q&A, and finish with a welcoming healing ceremony.

Day 2: Preparation & Ceremony

We’ll set the mood for spiritual transformation with yoga, pranayama, meditation, and discussions with our Healers/Shaman before our first Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Day 3: Relaxation & Recovery

After a restorative yoga class, you’ll have the opportunity to share your Ayahuasca experiences at Tribal Connection Circle followed by personal time for excursions or private healing sessions.

Day 4: Spiritual Exploration

Tribal Connection Circle will reconvene along with private discussion time with our Healers/Shaman. Enjoy personal time for excursions, private healing sessions, meditation, and yoga classes before our optional second Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Day 5: Farewell

We’ll gather for a final Tribal Connection Circle with our Healers/Shaman before honoring Mother Earth in a farewell Pachamama ceremony.

Our healers & Shaman

Our healers are certified from a wide variety of backgrounds to help you achieve enriching and insightful levels of spiritual growth

Sheri Brown

Co-founder of Enerchi Yoga, Sheri is a natural-born healer, Tantrika, and 500 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor. Before Sheri began her healing journey, she was overweight, depressed and stuck in an abusive marriage. Sheri realized that if she wanted to be happy, she was going to have to change. Having always been intuitive, Sheri sought answers to her life through a blend of meditation, yoga, energy healing, and manifesting which she continues today

Adrianna Carter

Co-founder of Enerchi Yoga School, Adrianna is Sheri Brown’s daughter and highly-intuitive Level III Reiki Master. Her specialties include energy healing, chakra balancing, and transformative meditation. You can always rely on Adrianna to connect with your spirit guides and give you direct and honest feedback to help break patterns and move forward. She is also a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, massage therapist, and Tantrika

Alberto Roman

A Costa Rican native, Alberto has led transformational ceremonies for over 30 years. Having studied with renowned Ayahuasqueros and spiritual teachers, he has a deep understanding of the healing powers of plant medicine. Two documentary films and a book chronicle his journey in shamanic wisdom and rituals: The Shaman and Ayahuasca and Bali: Talking to Spirits. Alberto is also a Pachakuti Mesa carrier, UNESCO Art award recipient, and musician
“Alberto Roman is a wonderful example of what a human can be. I have sat with Alberto in five ceremonies, and each has been a special, sacred, enriching, and valuable experience. Alberto has such a lovely, relaxed and open way of being so that the ceremonies are peaceful and flowing. Alberto’s musical and artistic talent add another rich texture to the tapestries he weaves. I highly recommend Alberto for guiding folks through sacred ceremonies and enriching peoples lives and community through art.” Lee Goldsmith

Ayahuasca Participant

“I first met Alberto when he was assisting other facilitators from Peru. His musical ability as well as his ability to enter into the shared space which forms during the Ayahuasca ceremony and bring about healing impressed me even then. Since then I have sat with him for over 20 ceremonies and there is no doubt he has honed his skills to become a true Maestro. He is extremely sensitive, wise, and caring and the psychic space he creates during the ceremony is both safe and challenging.”
Craig Humphrey

Ayahuasca Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ayahuasca/plant medicine safe?
Enerchi Yoga School has brought together a world-class team of spiritual teachers, healers, and a native Costa Rica Shaman to create a legal, transformative space for anyone interested in exploring Ayahuasca. We are honored to bring a program grounded in safety and supported by multidisciplinary professionals to guide you through your transformation. This is no ordinary program, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience, to bring about true healing and change.
How long are the ceremonies?
Ceremonies typically last from 3-7 hours, but each ceremony varies as well as each individual experience. Rest assured, our Shaman and healers will monitor you very closely until the effects wears off and you are able to sleep. It is best to go into each ceremony without any expectations and allow what comes.
What is the ayahuasca "purging" like?

Purges may occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. When purging occurs, it is the movement and processing of negative energy out of the body. The most common physical forms being vomiting and defecation as well as shaking, racing thoughts, yawning, crying, laughing, and hot/cold sweats. Purging is the plant medicine’s method for eradicating the body of harmful, toxic, or pent-up energies spawn by addictions (substance and behavioral), physical ailments, or past trauma. Please do not hesitate to ask for help! Our Shaman and healers are always available to assist you with going to the bathroom and any other needs that may arise. Remember that suppressing any type of purging is counterproductive to working with Ayahuasca. However, ensuring that you follow the Ayahuasca Dietary Guidelines (below) will help considerably with the purging process.

Will I feel fear or anxiety?
Fear and anxiety are normal to experience before, during, and after any Ayahuasca ceremony. Our Shaman and healers are there to help guide you through this experience with love and support. Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, yoga, affirmations, and journaling can be used to initiate a sense of calm and inner peace. If this is a concern for you, please communicate with our healers before or upon arrival so we can offer suggestions for working through these challenges.
What are the Dietary Guidelines?

It is essential to follow the Ayahuasca diet (also referred to as the dieta) before and after your ceremony. Ayahuasca works within your body in strong biochemical and energetic ways and certain foods will affect how these plants work within you. To maximize your healing and avoid any negative experiences, we recommend a specific Ayahuasca diet for our Ayahuasca retreats.

Certain foods interact negatively with the Ayahuasca are recommended to be eliminated at certain timeframes before the retreat. Each timeframe is cumulative.

3 Weeks Before

  • Marijuana and other recreational drugs
  • Antidepressants (any type of SSRIs) *
  • Chinese herbs and other natural supplements*

*Please contact us if you have any questions about the safety of certain medications and potential interactions

2 Weeks Before

  • Alcohol
  • Salt (e.g. table salt, soy sauce, fish sauce, etc.)
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners (stevia, aspartame, agave, honey)
  • Pork/Red Meat/Turkey/Animal fats
  • Dairy
  • Fried foods
  • Fermented foods (i.e. tofu, kombucha, kimchi, etc.)
  • Onions, garlic, leeks, radishes
  • Seaweeds (e.g. kelp, arame, dulse, etc.)
  • Vinegar and pickled Foods
  • Hot spices (e.g. cayenne, chili, curry, ginger, peppers, etc.)
  • Yeast or yeast extracts (simple, unleavened and unsalted breads are okay)
  • Bouillon cubes
  • Oil (except coconut/olive oil sparingly)
  • Protein powder (unless 100% hemp or pea-based. Avoid anything from whey or with added tyramine and amino acids)
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate (in large quantities)
  • Sexual activity (including masturbation)

 1 Week Before 

  • Excessive citrus (a little lemon in your water is okay)
  • Overripe fruits (including avocado)
  • Ice cold or carbonated drinks 

A note on sexual activity: We recommend that you avoid sexual contact for two weeks before and 5 days after your ceremony. We understand this can be difficult! However, when you connect with another person in a sexual way, you share very deeply with that person. There is a great deal of energetic “give-and-take”. To maintain the integrity and the momentum of your healing it is very important that you keep your energy to yourself. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid all orgasms (from self-pleasure) for the same period to reserve the great power of sexual energy to increase and strengthen your healing process during the ceremony.

What Can I Eat?  

  • Whole and pseudo-grains (e.g. amaranth, barley, buckwheat, brown rice, couscous, millet, oatmeal, sorghum, spelt, wheat, white rice, quinoa, etc.)
  • Unleavened, unsalted breads (e.g. manna bread, Ezekiel bread)
  • Corn or sprouted grain tortillas (no salt)
  • Unsalted rice cakes
  • All unsalted nuts EXCEPT peanuts
  • Nut and seed butter (e.g. almond, cashew, hemp, sunflower, tahini, etc. Look for unsalted as well)
  • Chicken (no salt or preservatives)
  • Eggs
  • Salmon, cod, halibut, tilapia, trout
  • All vegetables EXCEPT onions, garlic, leeks or radishes
  • Sundried tomatoes (no salt)
  • Potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, yams
  • Beans, lentils, pulses
  • Apples, bananas, berries, grapes, peaches, pears, pineapple, plums, coconut
  • Dried apricots, raisins, dates and figs in minimal quantities
  • Unsweetened applesauce, apple butter
  • Herbs: e.g. basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, sage, thyme, etc.
  • Cinnamon (small amounts)
  • Oils: coconut, flax, hemp, olive (limited quantities)
  • Alternative milks (e.g. almond, cashew, hemp, etc. No sugar added)
  • Freshly squeezed juices, wheatgrass (Look for minimal sugar – look for cucumber/kale/spinach-based juices)
  • Herbal teas (no caffeine)
  • Soups (no salt, no bouillon) 

We will be providing you two Ayahuasca friendly meals per day for the duration of your retreat, and there is small kitchen where you can store and make your own snacks outside of the scheduled meal times. We recommend also following this diet for at least one-week post Ayahuasca as well to continue the healing effects throughout your body.

In addition to the physical clearing pre-Ayahuasca, we also recommend a spiritual clearing as well. This will allow you to get clear and focus on the healing you wish to bring through the plant medicine. Some recommended methods include meditation, yoga, journaling, and breathwork. We also encourage you to take a break from social media during this time as well.

I take medication - is that ok?
Some kinds of medications are compatible. However, others such as SSRI’s like antidepressants, can be problematic. Make sure to inform us of what medication you’re taking before your arrival and we will consult with our Shaman. When in doubt, talk to a medical expert you trust. We are not in the position to advise anyone on medical treatments.
What can I expect after coming home?

People coming back from an Ayahuasca experience will be highly sensitive to food, people, noise, distraction, and general imbalance. Participating in healthy physical and spiritual activity with a supportive community will help integrate the lessons and healings received from Ayahuasca. After the retreat, we encourage you to stay in touch with Enerchi Yoga and our healers to help absorb your revelations and smooth your transition back into everyday life and we have provided a number of post-retreat resources to do so.

Is This a Substitute for medical care?
Ayahuasca is not a substitute for medical care. Our retreat is a great place to explore holistic healing if you can already openly discuss your personal history. A retreat is not the best place to open those issues for the first time. Deep healing occurs and you need to have the proper time and support directed at you for your care and well-being. Private discussions with our Shaman are best for opening up those traumas for healing.

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